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Advancing a new Biorisk Management Network for the MENA Region

Globally, there has been a growing trend towards increased regional multilateralism and multi-stakeholder cooperation in implementation of the GHSA’s APP-3 goals. Widespread and lasting results to reduce biological threats can only be realized by harnessing the power of multiple stakeholders including civil society, government, academia, research institutions, and the private sector across the public health, animal health and security sectors. Under the leadership of the Tunisian Association for Biosafety and Environmental Education, the IFBA, its member associations in the region, and other key stakeholders met in Tunis, Tunisia to advance the development of a new MENA Regional Biorisk Management Network. Once established, the network will effectively move biosafety and biosecurity initiatives forward and serve as a “louder voice” for these important issues. An empowered, strong, and capable network of interconnected individuals, organizations and biosafety associations represents a critical asset in the MENA region for preventing, preparing for, and responding to biological incidents. Additionally, the network will also support and mentor new and emerging biosafety associations in the region.

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